• NIT Durgapur Presents
  • Aarohan 2015

  • The Annual Techno-Management Fest

  • 5th February - 8th February

  • Ideate | Innovate | Inspire

  • Be there to witness the ascension

About Us

Aarohan | The Techno-Management Extravaganza

Aarohan, the Annual Techno-Management fest of NIT Durgapur, is a melting pot of the technically inclined students from colleges all over Eastern India. The four-day fiesta consists of events spanning every possible field, ranging from coding events to challenge the hardcore coders, to corporate showcase which stimulates the gray cells of budding entrepreneurs. There are quizzes on diverse topics, and the technical events encourage the enthusiasts to apply their theoretical knowledge in the real world. With more than 40 events and participation from over 200 colleges all over India, Aarohan leads the light of instilling a culture of science, technology and innovation among the youth of the nation.

Gear up for the challenge

  • All
  • Techelon
  • Eureka
  • Strategist
  • Apostrophe
  • Console
  • Exquizzit
  • Battle of Bytes
  • Armageddon
  • Euphoria
  • A Confluence of Ideas

    Inspiratie 2015

    Come, dive into the elusive world of these creative geniuses in their own right, and get lost in a world where the possibilities are endless - where the sight of a pin could become the vision of tomorrow’s wonder gadget! Experience their joys of discovery as they narrate their stories of hardships and vibrant encounters to you. And who knows- maybe what inspired them could also spark the fire in you too! So this Aarohan, let’s inspire and get inspired.
  • Eye poping, Jaw dropping


    Just when you thought Aarohan had offered the best of technology during the day, we bring to you the performances that shall spin your heads into a dilemma. Megashows brings you entertainment sector from around the globe. After the day filled with tech-packed events, hundreds of people await when the spotlight shifts to the magnificent Open Arena which hosts some of the most captivating acts, enthralling one & all beyond expectations.
  • Innovation at its best


    Techxibitions is a display of the latest breakthroughs in science and technology with the aim of promoting technology among the masses in India. This segment is one of those rare avenues where you can see and experience a wide spectrum of modern technology with a very unique collection of exhibits from across the world. These not only project the unique, innovative and absolutely cutting-edge character of the associated technologies, but also help people pick up pace with the multi-dynamic environment.
  • Unleash the madness within

    Aarohan Nites

    When the brain gets saturated & the mind starts wandering; when the heat of the day finally dims and the lights get low, the time to rejuvenate and fuel some fresh energy follows. So you thought that we were just a bunch of nerds knowing nothing beyond Newton? Well think again! After the non-stop tech-vaganza, Aarohan Nites turn up the volume and pump up the jam, and turn the entire arena in to a giant dance floor. In the moonlight, by midnight start, enjoy the uproar under the cool February breeze and keep the spirits going.
  • Android App Development

    Android is a workshop based on Android Operating System & its application development conceptualized by Codex Design Services. It is going to be India's first & biggest workshop series based on this market flag bearer of mobile operating systems. Android in its very first edition is going to be huge and grand covering over 450 engineering colleges across India. It is expected to attract more than 5000 participants from different parts of the country. Participants will learn to develop applications in the latest operating system with practical implementation and begin managing their own applications like a professional at this workshop.
  • Automotive Design & Analysis

    The workshop aims at developing an interest among the upcoming engineers by giving them knowledge of various systems in an automobile, their working theories, design considerations and a practical overview of a car engine. Adding to the theoretical design considerations, the students are also made to learn designing CAD models of automotive parts followed by their mechanical analysis.The live assembling and disassembling of a car engine has proven to be very interactive learning technique. It also introduces them to the current technologies available in different segments of automobile industry and related sectors. In this workshop the participants are also made aware of the R&D growth and employment aspects in these industries. This way, the students are better prepared to make difference in a world where future success depends on innovative ideas and technology. Through this course students will gain necessary mechanical CAD and design validation skills that today’s employers demand.
  • Robotics

    The study and research in robotics implies that students are actively engaged with all of these disciplines in a deeply problem-posing and problem-solving environment. Designing, building, programming and testing robots is a combination of physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, mathematics and computing. In some cases biology, medicine, chemistry might also be involved. it is a system that contains sensors, control systems, manipulators, power supplies and software all working together to perform a task.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks

    A wireless sensor network (WSN) of spatially distributed autonomous sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound, pressure, etc. and to cooperatively pass their data through the network to a main location. The more modern networks are bi-directional, also enabling control of sensor activity.
Accomodation, Travel & Hospitality

Atithi Devo Bhava


Team AAROHAN and NIT Durgapur tries to cater to the needs of all the participants in the best possible way. Accomodation is provided to all the registered participants free of cost inside the institute campus itself. Separate accomodation is provided for the girls and the boys along with blankets, pillows and other necessary belongings.


Durgapur is very well connected by rail and road to almost all parts of the country. It takes about 3 hours by road or by rail from Kolkata. During the festival, we provide exclusive bus services for our participants 24x7 from Durgapur station to the institute campus. Look around for our helpdesk, & we will guarantee a hassle free journey.


Apart from your accomodation & travel, there are multiple food joints in and around the institute campus to cater to your appetite. We have a 24x7 multi-speciality medical unit to provide support during any emergency. From mobile recharge to daily needs, all can be availed inside the institue campus itself.


Advertise | Engage | Benefit

Aarohan offers an excellent opportunity to one & all, and make their presence count on a national platform. Here's a few sponsors we've had the opportunity to associate in the previous years.
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The Team

The Team behind the vision of Aarohan 2015

Ankit Sureka
Convener & Head
Mail Id: ankit@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 090 07 348372
Diwakar Das
Mail Id: diwakar@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 078 64 818449
Navin Gupta
General Secretary
Mail Id: navin@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 089 72 107445
Manish Mishra
General Secretary
Mail Id: manish@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 096 81 616668
Mayank Gaurav
Executive Fest
Mail Id: mayank@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 088 20 090105
Yash Ladia
Executive Fest
Mail Id: yash@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 090 07 734059
Bhuvan Kapoor
Head, Corporate Affairs
Mail Id: bhuvan@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 097 48 644223
Vivek Kumar
Head, Design & Creatives
Mail Id: vivek@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 085 09 334778
Anindya Sen
Head, Web & Application
Mail Id: anindya@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 094 75 641021
Ajay Singh
Head, Coding & Quiz
Mail Id: ajay@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 090 46 681840
Pramit Kundu
Head, Entrepreneurship Cell
Mail Id: pramit@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 089 00 056954
Sneha Bhadra
Head, Entrepreneurship Cell
Mail Id: sneha@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 094 75 380279
Ipsita Das
Inspiratie Co-ordinator
Mail Id: ipsita@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 098 00 330380
Ambuj Kr Mishra
Head, Robotics
Mail Id: ambuj@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 094 74 643802
Ankana Dhar
Head, Robotics
Mail Id: ankana@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 078 64 818762
Sourav Sett
Publicity Co-ordinator
Mail Id: sourav@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 096 74 828761
Raunak Bhansali
Resources Co-ordinator
Mail Id: raunak@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 080 13 285813
Anand Swaroop Karn
Hospitality Co-ordinator
Mail Id: anand@ccanitd.in
Phone No.: 083 73 896254
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